Thursday, November 29, 2001

Trip 2002 ... A plan in the making

Trip 2002

This year marked the beginning of a 13 month journey through the South Pacific and South America, with my then boyfriend, now husband. It was definitely the best trip of my life....

Subject: Big News!

Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 10:47:50 -0800

Dear Friends and Family, Shame on me for sending an email newsletter, but I have a lot to share... After 4 years in the San Francisco, I am finally saying goodbye to a great city, where I have made even better friends, and have had the best job of my life. The only thing that makes this move happy, as opposed to sad, are my future plans (AND the fact that I am freeing myself from this godforsaken weather!). Here is the plan - Dan and I are finally fulfilling our dream of taking a long backpacking trip. Our original hopes had been to travel extensively through India, but I became chicken with our recent political situation. Neither of us feared for our safety, but rather, did not want to feel discomfort and mistreated by virtue of being American. September 11th has drastically changed the travel business. We considered ourselves to be very lucky to still have jobs in this uncertain future, so this decision to quit was all the more difficult. However, the more we thought about our options, we decided that in reality, this was the perfect time to travel. I don't imagine our careers would be too lucrative at this time, and living expenses while traveling are a lot less than living in the city (especially as tourism worldwide is hurting right now). I'm not getting any younger (just turned 29), and I've got to get this out of my system - NEVER! January 12th will find us departing Los Angeles for the Cook Islands (Rarotonga) for 10 days, Fiji for 5 days, New Zealand for 2 wks, Tahiti for 6 dys, Easter Island for 4 days, finally arriving in Santiago, Chile on the 24th of February. From here, we plan on doing overland travel down south to Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia, into Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil (3 months total?), then to Bolivia and Peru for another 2 months. Our ticket is open and valid for a year, so we might stay longer or less. Eventually we will return to L.A., maybe in August?, and then we still have one last ticket to London. We are entertaining the idea of getting a TEFL certificate (teaching English as a foreign language), and teaching in Eastern Europe. There are so many options! It is very important for us to keep in touch with all our friends. Please let me know if this email address isn't the best way, and send me your addresses if you would like to receive a postcard. Even better, how about joining us somewhere on the road??? If you have any suggestions for the places we are visiting, or friends that you could put us in touch with, we would greatly appreciate it. These connections are worth gold on the road. In these final hectic days, we would love to see anyone who is in the vicinity. We're working until December 14th, visiting Dan's family in Naples, Florida between Dec 20-27th, and leaving San Francisco for Los Angeles on January 3rd. Please call us!

We love you all, and wish you the best in 2002. Happy Holidays!


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