Thursday, January 22, 2004

A year to remember...

Hello dear friends and family!

We're almost a month into the new year, and I am finally getting around to writing. I hope that everyone had a fantastic celebration to mark the end of 2003 and that you are looking forward to the many adventures to come. Several of our friends are starting 2004 with some big changes... new jobs, new cities to call home, new babies on the way (or just arrived!) and new 'commitments'. Dan and I are especially excited about all that 2004 will represent, as we have our own announcement.... We are engaged!

For a select few, this is yesterday's headlines, and for everyone else, please accept our apologies for not spreading the news faster.

Daniel finally proposed to me on December 20th, after 4 full years of working together, living together, and traveling together. With all that time, he planned a very memorable and romantic day of events that involved a helicopter over Manhattan, a bended knee proposal atop the Empire State Building at sunset, and champagne toasts at a candlelit restaurant. I was blown away. We certainly had a lot to celebrate over the holidays, spent in Los Angeles with my family, and hosting an Xtra special New Years Eve party. Now, we are back to the grind - working hard, trapped in our flat during a shockingly cold winter, dreaming of exotic, HOT honeymoons, and avoiding the monstrous planning involved with our early August wedding.

We do hope that all is well with you, and hope that we get the opportunity to see you in the coming months. One of my resolutions is to get more organized - please email me your current addresses, phone numbers, and preferred email address, at your soonest convenience. You can view some of our new photos from 2003 (which include our engagement and New Year's Eve party) at

with warmest wishes,
Sarah (and her husband to be - Daniel!)


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