Monday, October 30, 2006

A Prelude to Tomorrow...

Daniel looooves costumes. We both enjoy putting together crazy get-ups and getting into the spirit of Halloween, but for all my love of dressing up, I think that his enjoyment is even greater. During our courtship we attended a surprising amount of costume affairs (70's fondue get-togethers, Gemini parties, and New Year's Eve bashes), not all related to October 31st. I was always impressed by how enthusiastic Daniel was about the thrift store hunt for the wackiest garb and accessories, and this inspired my own creativity. He never dreaded trying to figure out what to wear and got excited just thinking about all the possibilities. His youthful approach to masquerading was influenced by positive family memories of spooking out the neighbors, while mine began in early childhood with creating make-believe worlds in the backyard. Together we have had a lot of fun planning up disguises, and now have many positive memories linked to dressing in costume. In fact, our rich history begins with how I wooed Dan on one of our first dates, by getting drunk, going into my closet while he waited outside, and popping out in a Pocahontas costume - just for the fun of it.

Our costumes have run the gamut from sleazy and predatory, during our SF seduction phase, to more wacky and creative. I think that the longer you are in a committed relationship, the less desire you have to flaunt your fading assets. Therefore, costumes become more humorous and cerebral.

Stella has already been initiated into a world of dress-up, without even knowing it. Our birth announcements featured her dressed as our little sweet pea, freshly harvested from the Gamber Farm.

Tomorrow, will be our first Halloween as a family, and my excitement and anticipation of the day's events might have finally equaled my husbands'. Let the traditions begin!


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