Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday Destination Dreaming

You will soon learn that my 3 biggest obsessions are my family, traveling, and eating good food. Combining all three is a sensational orgy of bliss. Since international travel is my one top obsession that is unfortunately an infrequent part of my life, I tend to spend a good deal of time day-dreaming about where I want to go next (this is only second to how much I fantasize about what I will do with my money WHEN I win the lottery - which simply HAS to happen).

Every minute during the first part of Friday is a count down to the end of the work week, and a good time to imagine where my life would take me if I just chucked the whole work thing. I've decided to make a weekly blog entry about all the destinations that I dream about visiting, and hopefully transport myself there in thought and word.

Today is a rainy day in New York (and a sad one for Mets fans). My husband is insistent that there is no place he'd rather be this week than on an island in the South Pacific, lounging on a sandy beach, listening to the surf. Since there is no where in the world that I'd want to be without him, I bring you to TONGA !!... Compliments of Daniel.

Fun Facts:
- Tonga is ONLY 22 hours away from New York by airplane!
- The temperature tends to be between 68 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit at any time of the year at anytime of the day.
- Tonga has a king - Siaosi Tupou V.
- Tonga had a court jester (am American ex-banker) who was accused of losing (mainly embezzling) the equivalent of 26000000 from the state.


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