Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Stella Was Golden

Since Saturday, we've had Daniel's best friend, Todd, visiting us from San Diego, and he has been a genuinely welcome guest. Not only has Dan enjoyed having his buddy around to talk "guy" stuff, but Stella and I have wholeheartedly enjoyed his company. Todd is now, most certainly, an honorary Uncle to Stella. She adores him, and he has been happy to play with her, and make her laugh. She has flowered under his sincere attention, and in turn has been a delight to us all. I can't believe how much easier it has been to take care of her with one more extra set of hands. We do not have a nanny or even a babysitter, and have gotten used to the never-ending job of entertaining our little bean 24/7, all on our own. We live very far from our relatives in Florida and Southern California, and are frankly bereft of the intimate support network that is invaluable and vital to most young families. The majority of our dear friends are scattered across this globe, and I regret that we have a very real physical distance that separates us from those most dear. I honestly don't know if we have made the right choice by living somewhere that requires a commercial flight in order to be with family and friends.
This Sunday, Dan and I simultaneously came down with a serious stomach bug. We were both suffering big time, shuffling around our pad in pajamas, and making frequent runs to the toilet, to puke or purge. I HAVE NO IDEA how we would have survived if it wasn't for Todd playing surrogate parent to Stella. He was our savior.

I am especially glad that he planned his visit to coincide with Halloween, and was game to dressing up in a costume that matched our theme. Park Slope's celebration of October 31st has to be seen to understand, and is a true mark of what a wonderful neighborhood this is. Halloween in our part of Brooklyn is pure happiness, as everybody floats around on a sugar high, and the sidewalks fill with adorable little children and their even more adoring parents. Everyone is part of a mutual appreciation society as we all compliment each other on our creative costumes and festive stoop decorations.

This year was no exception, and we once again had a wonderfully happy Halloween.
The day was jam-packed with me trying to work, attend Stella's Music Together class, dress myself, go to Baby's First Halloween party hosted by a neighborhood Mother, dole out almost $100 of chocolate in a neighborhood overrun by miniature masqueraders, and participate in the Park Slope Costume Parade. We all pulled together to perfect our outfits, carve a pumpkin, take turns with Stella, and make it down to our stoop in time for the first round of trick-or-treaters. After over an hour of passing out candy, which seemed like mere minutes, I realized that I had a permanent grin, that was not for a moment forced. I was loving the positive energy and pure cuteness that was pulsing down our block.

Our family costume was a huge hit, and I give all the credit to Stella. She was golden - literally.

Daniel and Todd dressed up like leprechauns. I was a rainbow and Stella was our pot of gold. It was fun to watch people look at Daniel and Todd in their green suits, and Stella in her gold and sparkly sequins, perched inside of a large black cauldron, and register exactly what they were - "Oh my gawd! It's leprechauns with their pot of gold!" I was off to the side, dressed in a multi-colored curly wig and a tie-dyed shirt. Some ragamuffin would eventually turn to me and ask, "Hey lady! Are you a hippy clown?" The rainbow costume required some extra explanation, that would eventually result in a lightbulb of understanding - "Ahhh, I get it! The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!", but Stella stole the show, as babies do, and we couldn't have been prouder (or more thankful!).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read your blog and I laughed, wait until you have a second one and the same 2 pairs of hands!!!!!!
I am glad to hear that Dan is as excited about Halloween as we are. Adrian is totally into it too and what a nice memory for the family! I love your costumes, you all look so good! I will send you a link to check photos of us on our Halloween party!
As far as Stella nose being blocked, I used to run a very hot shower and put some menthol essence in the shower and stand there in the bathroom with Stefan so that the hot mist and the menthol air unblock his nose....You can also put some tiger baum on a tissue and stick it under her pyjamas in between her nipples so that she can breeze some of this.
good luck!

4:46 PM  

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