Thursday, December 28, 2006

I'm Back

O.K. I am absolutely forcing the words out of my fingertips and on to the keyboard. My family and I arrived back to our cozy (tiny) Brooklyn apartment, late on December 26th. Two nights later, and my suitcase is still packed. I am suffering major procrastination and can't seem to wrap my head around all the 'to-do'lists rotating in my mind. Writing on this blog is feeling very much like that awesome senior thesis that relentlessly stalks your psyche, feeding your anxiety, and making you feel guilty about every moment NOT spent worrying and obsessing about your project (the one you can barely remember now).
Tomorrow will mark three long weeks without writing some wannabe witty summary about my life's happening, and SO MUCH has happened! We went traveling, and visited 3 countries, including Florida (DEFINITELY it's own country). We went traveling with a baby, and endured seven flights. Stella turned one year old on December 18th. We celebrated Xmas. How can I possibly begin to cover all the interesting and amazing experiences that we had? I have fodder for months. To those two or three people out there who actually read my blog, and haven't said sayonara, thank you for your patience - you still need it - the patience, that is. I'll slowly eke out some stories, but I've got a 3-day weekend ahead of me, and this vacation isn't over yet!

I hope the holidays went well for all, and that 2007 exceeds all expectations. Until I can get my life in order (Ha!), or at least the surface, Quality of Light might be a little dark and quiet. I'll be back...


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