Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday Destination Dreaming # 11

Tasmania, Australia

On January 1st, 1996, I took off on a ten month trip around-the-world. Three of those months were devoted to a slow crawl through much of Australia. I flew into Cairns and spent over a month working my way down the coast, south To Sydney. From there, I crossed through Canberra and the Snowy River area to Melbourne and Adelaide, and then headed North through Coober Pedy to Alice Springs and Ayers Rock. From here I flew to Perth, and took off for Bali a day before my tourist visa expired. I do feel like I have a good understanding of this country, but there is still so much more to see. When I return (not if), my focus will be on the regions I missed, starting with Tasmania.

While researching the web for more information about this large Southern Isle, I happened upon the following website:
The photos by Tom Dempsey blew my mind. I insist that you take a look, as it will serve as far better inspiration than my writing.

What has drawn me to this destination is a strong desire to be in the outdoors, breathing fresh air, smelling moist earth and snow gum trees, hearing the rush of a waterfall, touching the lacy leaves of a fern, and watching the sun both rise and set in relative solitude. I think that people love hiking and camping for both the physical and mental exercise - those quiet moments of self reflection, far from all things manmade and lacking harmony. It seems like the Overland Track from Lake St Clair to Cradle Mountain would provide the perfect respite from civilization, and endless vistas to rekindle a love for life and appreciation for this incredibly beautiful world that we live in.

With summer downunder, it is the best time to visit Tasmania and enjoy it's temperate climate. I like the idea of renting a campervan and moving at my own pace to explore all the nooks and crannies. Satisfy the animal lover's curiosity with sightings of wombats and tasmanian devils. Fulfill the culture vulture with trips to Hobart, Launceton and Devonport for museums, fine food, art and music. And finally, wear out the most hardy adventure seeker with all the endless possibilities - backpacking, boating, camping, cycling, diving, fishing, kayaking, horseriding, rock climbing/abseiling, surfing, trekking, white water rafting, and yachting.


Blogger Carolyn, David & Stella said...

I read through most of your blog last night an am so jealous of all your travels. How fantastic. And congratulations, of course, on the great choice of a name for your little one. Also, I breastfed until Stella was 14 months old and weaned with no problems. I just did it very very gradually. Towards the end she was on a very regular schedule, breastfeeding four times a day. I just gave up one feeding at a time over about six weeks or so. I held on to the last one for awhile because I was sad to stop but it eventually was clearly the right choice for both of us. She was ready to wean so I had to be ready to let her. I never had a clogged duct so I don't know if it will be harder for you but I just wanted to let you know. I do recommend doing it slowly if you can. I look forward to reading more...Take care.

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