Tuesday, January 23, 2007

She Walks

This is a very special day. Our little Stella Mar is officially a walker! After weeks of a tentative step or two, she has finally begun to waddle long distances through our living quarters. Recently, I think she has been inspired by other walking toddlers, and therefore began to earnestly test her own coordination with determination and excitement. The output should have exhausted her, but instead ruined her naptime. She's been a highstrung little bundle of energy (that is now thankfully in bed!).

Hooray for our little bean!


Anonymous Paloma said...

What wonderful news! I spoke to mom yesterday and she told me that Stella started walking. Without even knowing it, my little niece brightened my otherwise dreary day.

Auntie P

11:28 AM  
Anonymous mom said...

Imagine such an expected occurance in the life of man causing us all to brighten up. Stella sounded so excited on the phone, as if she herself was relating the news of her latest accomplishment. Can't wait to see a video. Love, Mom

10:47 PM  

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