Wednesday, February 21, 2007

When She Knows What She Wants

Lately, with the true cold realities of winter upon us, we've all been going a little stir crazy in our typically small New York apartment. Poor Stella has had to entertain herself with going back and forth, back and forth between one and a half rooms, dragging books and toys to and fro. The clutter has built up, been blasted away in a cleaning frenzy, and returned again with a vengeance. In an effort to try and entertain Stella and give ourselves a break from the monotony, we have visited several indoor play spaces over the past few weeks. It is amazing how a new environment can put the sparkle in her eyes and bounce in her waddle. It doesn't matter how grubby the environment, how broken the toys, if there are rockers to ride, structures to climb, and kids to ogle, our baby is just fine. In fact, we have found that the most difficult part of these visits is the moment when her bored parent(s) insist that it is finally time to return to the indoor prison of our own familiar walls. This inevitably results in a tantrum, as Stella's body goes slack, and we try to chain her to the McClaren stroller with her safety straps. Back out into the cold we go, with a sniffling, teary baby.

On President's Day, we decided to check out the Brooklyn Children's Museum. Our entertainment now revolves around the interests of our baby, as we have officially morphed into obsessive parents. As Stella toddled around, we acted as looming guardians, occasionally redirecting her attention, or gently guiding her to points of (our) interest. After traveling down a metal tunnel passage, veering off to visit various exhibits, we finally made it to the holy grail... Totally Tots. We parked our stroller in front of the cute little white picket fence that surrounded the play space, and started to take off our shoes in preparation to play. As soon as Stella was stripped to her socks and saw what lay behind the fence, she was filled with passionate eagerness. So intense was her desire to be where the fun was, that she literally got down on her hands and knees, flattened her body to the floor and slid herself right UNDER the fence. Daniel and I were slack jawed with surprise. No words can do the vision justice. THIS is what it is all about.


Anonymous mom said...

Where's the camara? You described it beautifully, but still, I wish I could see it. What a change from that shy, alright , cold-plagued child who stared at the birthday festivities of her three friends in a zoombie-like state, when I went with you to kiddie land in November. You've got one determined young lady. I can't wait to see for myself.

11:09 PM  
Anonymous Mom G said...

I second the motion for a camera..I close my eyes and see her little body going in so many directions.When I sign on to the computer it automatically seems to go to Walk,Walk, sure could use a new version.We miss her sooo much.

10:45 AM  

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