Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday Destination Dreaming # 14

Luminous Lapland

You may have noticed that I have avoided posting any European destinations. This is mainly due to my own preference for ideal weather conditions. It is winter in New York, and I live in my pajamas, sometimes going a few days in a row without stepping outside. This is all because I am a wuss. When I fantasize about trips to foreign lands, I almost never picture myself in long-johns, teeth-a-chattering, or strolling around in the late, dark afternoon with an umbrella.
I've decided to change my outlook, and embrace winter. Snow is beautiful - and fluffy! Hot cocoa steaming your ruddy cheeks and warming your hands is mmmm-wonderful, and winter sports, like skiing are energizing, graceful, and butt-enhancing. Who doesn't like a cozy night with fondue, a warm fire in the hearth, or a hot tub dip under the stars?

For these reasons, I feel up for the challenge of an arctic Scandinavian adventure! Lapland is a region comprised of Northern parts of Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia. A trip here could require physical athleticism and most definitely outdoor endurance in the elements. Some fun activities would be cross country skiing, sled rides by huskies or reindeer, and snow mobiling. You can also drink vodka in ice bars and sleep in furry swags on ice block beds in ice hotels. If you take your children, your vacation would not be complete without a visit to Santa's Village. If you are really lucky, and blessed with a clear winter night, you could be treated to nature's most magnificent light show, the aurora borealis...


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