Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Turn Back Time

Today is election day, and many people in this lovely Blue State that is New York, are hoping that the democrats will take over the congress. I am aligned with this sentiment, but NOT because I am impassioned by politics, and actually believe that the democrats can turn back time, and truly improve on our current situation. On the contrary, my hope, faith, and expectations are very low. Presidential Election 2004 left me in such a depression, after actively trying to insure that Bush would not be reelected, that I actually shut down my political involvement. I will vote - I always do, but I have become a cynic about our electoral system, and don't want to put too much energy into potential disappointment. I have become apathetic, and I am a little sad about it.

This subject segue ways into a different topic. Presidential Election 2004 actually fell on my birthday - November 2nd (what a fantastic day that was). Today is the 7th, and you might note that it has taken me 5 days to mention this fact. I am 34 years old, and have gotten to the age when I do still care about my birthday, but feel a little silly for it. This was truthfully the first year in awhile that I actually decided that I did want at least one small gathering to commemorate another digit change. Eager to please, my husband organized a brunch get together over the past weekend. At least half of the people we invited already had plans. Of course, these days I am so apathetic that I didn't get disappointed. OK, that is a little bit of a lie. I think I am finally mourning the fact that I will most likely, never ever again have a birthday like those from my childhood. For those long past celebrations, I got dressed in a party dress, was surrounded by cheery friends, the sugar was flowing, and the presents were numerous. Who doesn't like receiving a gift, and being the center of attention? Isn't it a shame that we have to become 'adult-like' and nonchalant about our birthdays? Now that we can actually imbibe alcohol, and afford much cooler gifts, couldn't birthdays be even more fun? My younger sister definitely comes from this school of thought. Her birthday is the most important day of the year, and it is crucial to her emotional well-being that she has a big bash with a very large group of friends to mark this momentous occasion. She has even been known to hold a grudge or two, if you are someone near and dear, yet you forget to honor her on this day. In her defense, she has a photographic memory for other people's birthdays and is the first to call and wish you a very special day. Being that siblings tend to do the opposite of one another in an attempt to further accentuate their differences, I suppose I swung to the flipside of this equation, and have purposely NOT told anyone that it was my birthday on THE VERY DAY. Secretly, I admit that I was wishing that this fact would somehow pop out of thin air - as if some person would just magically turn to me and say, "Could today be your birthday, because your aura is surely emanating pure birthday vibes?".

So, now that I've given myself up, and the big day is almost one week past, I want to drag it back and shout to you all, "November 2nd was my birthday! Isn't it great?! Happy Birthday to me!".

P.S. I have just returned from a birthday party for 5 scrumptiously delicious 1 year olds. I am being reminded that I have a little girl who will soon reach this benchmark herself, and I have at least a decade of living vicariously through her birthday joy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait until you turn 40 then 50, 60 it won't be as much fun to celebrate your birthday. Expensive gifts? Puff!!! you don't have to wait for your birthday to get them anymore and actually you'll see that your children's birthday are more important. I have been researching great cakes to make (I can send you some links)activities to do for children's birthday and their happiness is so fun to watch it is actually more fun for me to organise their birthday rather than having one myself. For my 40 everybody was offering to help throw a party for me but I actually enjoyed more seing my kids help me blow out my canddles. Don't get me wrong I still enjoy to party but I don't need special occasions for it!

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