Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Missing in action...
I know it's been a long time, over two weeks. Strangely enough, the longer I go without blogging the easier it becomes, and I don't want to just fade off into the distance. This website 'matters' to me, and is an even more important link to Stella for the grandparents.

I really just wanted to let anyone, who still frequents my site, know that I have not disappeared, nor have I given up. I have just been incredibly busy (and still am). The big news on this end, and my excuse for not posting, is that I am in the process of writing a business plan. Another local mother and I have partnered up and are trying to open up our own small business. We want to establish a drop-in play center for children five and under. We are hoping to offer a variety of classes to babies and toddlers, as well as night classes geared toward parents and parents-to-be. There is so much more to this plan, but I simply don't have the time to fully outline the details here.
All I can say is that it is incredibly hard to work full-time, raise a one year old, cook dinner, do laundry, and clean the house (ha!) while trying to do research and writing for a new company. I currently feel like an octopus with all my simultaneous multi-tasking. We just hired a house cleaner for every other week, and I feel like a little steam has been released from the pressure cooker. Perhaps, this is what finally allowed me the mental time to get back to Quality-of-Light. However, I still feel the guilt as I divert my attention from my new priority, so this entry will have to suffice.
In place of words, I will leave you with some choice photos of Stella Bella, who has only recently learned to say 'love you' in response to my 'I love you's.


Anonymous Paloma said...

It looks like Stella learned how to dress from her aunt. LOL... I can't wait to hear her say "love you".

Sarah, I am so proud of you for taking the leap into owning your own company. Like I said the last time we spoke, if there is anyone I know that can do it and do it well you can.


12:09 PM  
Blogger Rein Morgen said...

LOL Sarah, mom's always wear many hats. With me, I put more pressure on myself when Morgen came along. I really needed to know I was a role model for my own daughter. It is a bit different with the boys. Tyler was four, Morgen two, and I leaped into my own private practice. From a steady salary to the unknown is very scary. Though, I have never looked back, well, when we go to Disneyland and I actually have to pay to get in and not get a discount everywhere ;p Just kidding, it is all worth it in the end. Good luck and many blessings.

6:38 PM  

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