Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Crib Cliff

It finally happened.

Stella crawled out of her crib.
Scratch that.
Stella FELL out of her crib.

I heard the crash as she hit the floor, followed by her piercing scream. This happened seconds after buzzing the takeout delivery guy into our brownstone. I ran into Stella's room to find her sprawled on her back, thankfully not hurt, but definitely shocked to find herself in that position. I'm sure the wind was knocked out of her (but not enough to keep her lungs from wailing). I simultaneously clutched her to my heart and doled out dollars for my dinner, hoping that she really was okay, and that I wasn't missing a more serious injury.

Dan and I have often whispered our fears about this happening, hoping that she'd never find her way over the crib's edge, but guessing that her toddler instincts would eventually lead her to find an escape route. It's only one day later, with several naps behind us, and I can't help but cock an ear when I hear any suspicious sound come from her room. Has she frightened herself enough to resist another jail break, or is one leg stretched over the lip of her bed frame in persistent determination? Should I be putting her to bed with a moat of foam and pillows on the hardwood below her? Am I jinxing myself by writing about this? As if I don't have enough to worry about as the mother of a one year old. My morbidity tauntingly leads me to many a dark imagining about the dangers that lurk behind every bend. Now I have to lie in my bed, turning the monitor on and off to make sure that she's really sleeping and not climbing any mountains. I'm exhausted, yet suffering "mama insomnia". This, my friends, is what parenthood does. It turns you into a worry wart with more grey hair.


Blogger Swankyloma said...

Apparently, being a worry wart is genetic. Yesterday I went over to mom's and dad's house to pick up mail, hang out, and to see what they were doing to prepare for your visit. Shortly after "American Idol", I noticed something very dangerous on the floor. I immediately said, "Mom, we have to move that. What if Stella gets a hold of it?" She quickly got up and stashed it in a drawer. Having a toddler around definitely makes you rethink the safety of the world around you. We know the rules and they don't. Stella may have learned that crawling out of her crib was a painful and scary mistake. Perhaps she will develop a Pavlovian response...who knows... in the meantime it is comforting to know that the adults are looking out for her.

3:59 PM  
Blogger Reino said...

Time for the crib to go and toddler gates on a doorway to appear. I did have a friend who experienced the same thing, but her lil one was not so lucky. He had a spinal cord injury from the way his head hit the floor. I am NOT trying to freak you out, but let you know it does happen. Does the crib convert to a toddler bed? If so, DO it. You can buy for only about $20 a doorway gate that you can put to her room. She is learning new visual boundaries! Good luck!

10:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey There, Your old Pal Dana Here, i have to say that I agree with reino. I'll never forget Kelsey's first bday because she fell down the stairs. i punish myself for it everyday but i'm starting to let it go, she hasn't brought it up so I'm hoping she's forgotten all about it(if thats any consolation to you).... i padded the heck out of the house after that and she did what you predict/hope stella will do, she decided she never wanted to repeat that experience. so she didn't!switching to a toddler bed will eliminate the fall from great heights and help when it comes to potty training. if the crib doesn't convert you can find some great deals online and your crib mattress will fit most toddler beds.
as for your move, I hope you give some more thought to good old s.d.
stella'd have a whole slew of pals, there's a cool new hip n happenin' downtown, awesome produce, superb restaurant scene,you can surf and ski the same day, interesting political changes and grandparents close enough to help when you need 'em and a safe distance to avoid suffocation, most cool is holidays with the family that don't require plane tickets, as for a house for $300,000, it's possible but I don't think you want your babe growin' up in those hoods!for a little bit more there are some really cute, funky, family friendly neighborhoods.neighborhoods with fabulous salons because girlfriend, I'm sorry/happy to say that you'll have lots more grey hair to look forward to! :0)

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