Thursday, June 21, 2007

Love At First Sit

OK. My heart is beating fast, and I am trying to calm myself down by typing more slowly and with purpose. My unreal excitement stems from one vision - spotting my dream couch on a website. I know, I know - a sofa? Yes, this is what I fantasize about. I have had the same futon couch in my living room since 1998. It was initially purchased out of frugality, and has not been let go out of necessity. When we moved to Brooklyn, the intention was always to replace our futon with a real live grown-up couch, but this did not happen for valid reasons. First, our apartment has acted as a hotel for surfing friends and families and thus the futon has served us well as a queen size bed for visiting guests. Second, we live in an old brownstone on the 4th floor. Although we could get a couch up to our apartment, it would never fit through our doorway which is only about 27 inches wide. Besides the fact that I have never been able to find a couch with these dimensions, we also felt that it was necessary to get a sofa bed (for overnight guests), and this type of furniture is even larger. We never thought that we would be here for over four years. Otherwise, we might have considered paying to have a couch disassembled or at least lifted and brought through a window. Now, it is really too late. Instead, I think about our future move and the dream couch that we will own sometime down the line.
With nesting obsessions, I have become quite fanatic about design magazines and blogs. I love Domino, and take a daily gander at Design Sponge. This blog has lead me to many other great sites like Apartment Therapy and sfgirlbybay, which have in turn directed me to a little slice of perfection...

Seriously, I was very excited when I saw this.
I do not care that it costs $2000.
This is a worthy splurge, and one that I hope I can make when we leave our tiny home. My face is flushed and I have heart palpitations thanks to my heavenly state of love at first sight. Possession is the only cure.


Blogger Reino said...

I fell in love with the vacuum that can clean carpets and hardwood floors! One thing to do it all? GASP that's for me! Hardwood floors with area rugs and can do it all with one thing. Time to do the woo hoo dance!

Does everyone call you ma'am now? I went from miss to ma'am over night. It's my forehead wrinkles. LOL

2:23 PM  
Blogger Swankyloma said...

This couch is perfect for you: the color...the texture...the sleak lines... it's just beautiful. Nice choice!

4:00 PM  

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