Friday, November 09, 2007


A busy week passes, and a fine and dandy one at that. We have been transitioning Stella into part-time daycare (Monday - Wednesday - Friday), and it has gone very well. She loves playing with all the kids, and gives everyone lots of hugs and kisses. It has been very nice to actually be able to get work done on these days, that Tuesday and Thursday are a little shock to the system.

The womb baby is hyper active, kicking me at all times of the night. I just keep rubbing my belly and thinking of the little boy, my son, so close to Mama now. I want to put a name to this being, and am having a difficult time determining the perfect fit. Dan and I had zero problems with girl names. When Stella was born, we had a long back-up of girl names, depending on our first impression upon sight, but just a short list of boys names - names that I felt we were merely settling on. It's a good thing we didn't have to use any of them. When we were convinced that a sister was on the way, I had already picked out her name, although Dan still needed a little convincing. I had chosen Tessa Ann, as a nod to the women in my family (mother - Theresa, sister - Anna Paloma, and Grandma Ann and Abuelita Anita). My back-up name was Greta, which almost made me want to have three little girls, just so I could have a Virgin Suicides-like trio of Stella, Tessa and Greta. Doesn't that just sound like an intriguing set of sisters?

Now with little boys names buzzing in my head, I am completely frustrated. Both Dan and I do not want a common, overly traditional name - no John, Chris, David, or Michael. Nor do we want one of the most trendy, popular names of our age, like Jacob or Ethan. In truth, we want something really unique, but not so crazy that our child can't eventually be perceived as a successful and strong man, or that he grows up being teased. If there can be a nod to my Spanish side, that is also great, but not a necessity. We also want a name that gels with our family and his last name - Gamber.

Everyone has such differing ideas about what names are cool, and which are absolutely inexcusable. In truth, the name Stella was poo pooed by a lot of people. We are not looking for the most LIKED name, but are curious about your opinions.

I have included an initial list below. Some of these names are really for the more obscure middle name, and not all of these names have been approved by my hubby, but it is a start. Let me know what you think, and feel free to add your own suggestions.



Blogger Swankyloma said...

What about "Dante"? Anthony's brother's name is Dante and I have alway liked that name.

5:02 PM  
Blogger mrsgreen said...

I like Dante, too - but I always picture the first Dante I knew - a tall, lean, black, flaming gay dancer!

5:50 PM  
Blogger Reino said...

Instead of Dante, how about Devante? It is a version of a name you like, unusual and sounds good with Gamber. Plus it is spanish for fighter of wrong.

Devante Consuelo Gamber

He was in the stars...hence Consuelo ;)

Zaniel, like Daniel

8:04 PM  
Blogger Linda Mar said...

We hosted a Spanish exchange student from Madrid named Tristan, and I still have fond memories of him. This name thing is tough, isn't it? I still don't know if we're having a boy or girl, and while I'm pretty set on a boy's name, I'm just stumped when it comes to girls.


9:42 AM  
Anonymous Eliko said...

Hi Sarah,
This is so exciting! So I am posting some names of students I've had in my class in the last 6 years here in NY.


7:31 PM  

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