Friday, August 10, 2007

A Lifting

Now that I've semi-sneakily let out the big news, that yes, I am pregnant, I will be able to enumerate all the pressure that this has placed on our household (in the future).

When I rag on and on about how miserable I am, please don't ever think that I am not thoroughly excited about our growing family, and don't ever doubt that I wholeheartedly want this precious baby, despite the fact that 'it' is doing a number on my health. I am just not a fan of pregnancy, only the end result. I do find that I am more depressed this time around, purely because I feel rotten, and that really takes the glow and joy out of what should be a wonderful thing. I've always been willing to imagine a family with 3 children, especially if another daughter makes Daniel want to gamble a third time in hopes for a son, but I don't think that pregnant Sarah brings any good to this world. I also don't think I'm enough of a masochist to go through this again, and frankly, that makes me sad.

Those days of amnesia about nausea, acid reflux and a painful labor seem far, far away. This blog will record the truth of the moment, for me to reread if I ever get broody. Right now, I do think there is an ever slight change. It is definitely not a complete recovery, but I have just done something shocking and tell-tale... I ordered a curry take-away from a Thai restaurant! I'm a little scared, because this is my first venture into a world of flavor in over 4 weeks, and I might be barfing it all out in an hour. I'm just surprised to think that I could even contemplate spicy food after weeks of a toast,crackers, peanut butter and wedges of cheddar diet. Cross your fingers for me.


Blogger Reino said...

Girl, being pregnant is a part of you. Giving birth is an extension of yourself. Those loved ones around you accept all the burdens of pregnancy right with you and do so lovingly. The Gambers and the Campos' get to be doughting (sp?) grandparents yet again, Paloma and Adrian get to play aunt and uncle to yet another neice or nephew, and so on! You are sooo loved! And so is this lil being inside you! It will be over before you know it.

Yes, you can do it again! You are feeling at your worse right now so you are thinking the worse. The pessimism is all a part of pregnancy, as is the depression. Do a lil something everyday that keeps your spirit alive. If it is 20 minutes of uninterupted reading, a bath, whatever, do it. You are still Sarah, not just wife and mom.

All of us Lakpours!

1:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Craving curries???? I have been there!

CONGRAT!, We are just back from France. What is the due date?

6:31 PM  

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