Friday, November 16, 2007

Portland, The Rainy City

Portland is long famous for being a green and "rosy" city, thanks in great parts to endless days of rain. Since our move here, only a month and a half ago, we have been blessed with dry days (for the most part). Today, I am wistfully looking out my office attic window, at grayish brown trees, bereft of most their golden leaves, covered in water pearls, gifts from the crying sky. Since our decision to move here, I made a deal with myself that I would do my utmost to embrace the gray. As opposed to lamenting an overcast day, I am trying to be positive about the cold and wet. Many Portlanders tell me that winter is a great time for introspection and creative projects. It is a time when the artists of the city, don't feel guilty about not taking a walk in the outdoors, and allow themselves to hibernate in their home, composing music, writing books, painting and sculpting. I like this idea that being forced indoors will allow me the time and focus to be more creative and imaginative with my time. I still feel like more of a dreamer than a doer, and maybe time is all I need to bring about actual action. It is only the end of November, which should mean that I have plenty of time for unknown projects, but this is what scares me.
It is only November.
Winter is just beginning, and I am already in a 'hidden-under-the-surface' panic about how I'm going to make it through the many dark months ahead. I'm TRYING to be positive, but will it REALLY rain until May??? How Vitamin D deprived will I be, when the sun is finally fully shining?
This decision to live in a climate like Portlands was all mine. I'm the wuss in my relationship when it comes to weather. The summer was glorious when we visited, and the season is said to be far superior to those pathetic Julys and Augusts in San Francisco, that had me clawing at my sweaters, eyes darting in search of an escape. I know the wait will be worthwhile, but my patience will certainly be tried.
With a wavering grin on my face, I boldly toast a cheers to cabin fever and the testing of both my optimism and pessimism.


Anonymous Reino said...

Hey, I hope y'all are okay in all the rains! I remember during the el nino year, my brother's house on the hill in Avila Beach, Ca. had water all the way up to their water tank. That's about 20' above the road! When it finally went down, there was a dead body. He was the one missing from the 101 freeway. Found his car, then days later found the body. Very sad.

Okay, just stay dry and enjoy the inside!

2:05 PM  

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